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WATCH: Trucker’s Heads-Up Maneuver When RV Pulls In Front of Big Rig

The driver of this motorhome was lucky the trucker behind him was alert at the wheel.

This heart-stopping viral video captures a moment where things could’ve gone horribly wrong. The close call happened in Nacogdoches, Texas.

The footage starts with a motorhome pulling out to try and make a left turn across multiple lanes of highway traffic. After pulling out, it comes to a slow halt and stops while blocking multiple lanes of traffic in front an 18-wheeler driving at full speed. Fortunately, the trucker slams on the brakes and swerves slightly to the left to avoid ramming into the motorhome.

Watch the full scene below:

Viewers of the viral video were stunned by the motorhome driver’s unawareness and amazed by the trucker’s reaction. “My goodness, that was close! That truck driver really does deserve a reward – and that motorhome driver needs a day in Court!!” commented one viewer. Another wrote, “This motorhome driver is very lucky and seems so oblivious to the situation.”

Everyone driving on that road was lucky the trucker’s reflexes and brakes both showed up for work that day. Stay safe and alert out there, drivers!


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