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WATCH: Unaware Trucker Drags Trapped Car For 8 Miles

This four-wheeler went on an unwanted ride along with a trucker for 8 miles!

Police in Leawood, Kansas received a call this week from from a witness who saw an 18-wheeler dragging a Kia that was trapped under its trailer. According to Fox 4 News, the vehicle got stuck underneath the semi on an exit ramp onto I-435. While the semi drove westbound, slick roads caused the southbound Kia to skid through the stoplight and crash into the side of the semi’s trailer. The trucker reportedly didn’t feel or see the accident occur, and kept driving on their way.

Police stopped the big rig 8 miles away from the site of the crash, where they found the Kia driver trapped in her car. She was reportedly in a lot of pain and unable to move. Thankfully, rescue crews were able to safely extract the driver from her jammed vehicle. Olathe Fire Department Battalion Chief Sean Brooks told Fox 4 that between the Kia’s roof caving in and the amount of freezing snow that built up on the car, he was amazed that the driver wasn’t injured.

Brooks and his rescue crew also noted that the slick road conditions made it difficult for the trucker to feel any friction from the wedged vehicle. They weren’t surprised that he didn’t notice anything was amiss.

Watch the semi drag the Kia below:


View original article by Fox 4 News.

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