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WATCH: Wrong Way Hauler Stuck in a Tight Spot

No matter how bad your day is, this trucker reminds us it can always be worse…

This viral video has drivers everywhere facepalming and shaking their heads. The video, originally posted by u/Largofarburn on the r/Truckers subreddit, shows a troubled trucker trying to get out of a tight spot. According to the original poster, the scene went down on I-77 in West Virginia.

The video begins as the action is already unfolding — car hauler entering from an exit ramp is trying desperately to turn the big rig around to drive the right way on the highway. All while they’re inching forward and back, not making much progress either way, their fuel tank is gushing diesel on the highway.

Watch the video below:

Someone’s losing their job today
by u/Largofarburn in Truckers

u/Largofarburn posted this caption with it: “Just to give some context now that I’m out of the traffic. This is an exit only area. So instead of driving 12 miles north to the nearest on ramp he decided to try to get on from the exit ramp. He forgot to put the fuel cap back on and dumped about half his tank I would guess before we got his attention. He then kept trying to wiggle out, fucked up the guardrails and that pickup on the back of his trailer. Spun his tires so much on the diesel that I’m pretty sure a couple of them blew. His trailer got caught on the guardrail before he went off the other side of the road and bottomed out. They had to get a wrecker to come pull him out and had to cut about 12 feet of the guardrail off to get him out. Then they made him go back down the exit ramp.”

Below the video, one commenter had this advice for other truckers watching the video, “If you ever find yourself in this situation or in a situation leading up to it, just stop. Stress and anxiety can make you do the most stupidest thing…. Everyone fucks up once in a while, the only difference is some [people] handle it better than other.”

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