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WATCH: Car Narrowly Navigates Between Two Semis

As the title of the video says, “and somehow they will still try to blame the trucks.”

This video, shared by u/poindextor5 to the r/Truckers community on Reddit shows another impatient driver being reckless on the road.

In the dashcam footage, the a trucker is driving along a wet road with another hauler driving towards them in the opposite lane. All seems normal, until a little red car speeds around the driver on the left. The overtake was in poor judgement, as the other truck was already almost even with the dashcam trucker. The 4-wheeler quickly swerves back into the right lane in front of the semi unscathed.

It’s a good thing the trucker was alert enough to put on the brakes, or else the car could’ve been sandwiched between the two trucks. Be safe out there, drivers.

Watch the video below:

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