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WATCH: Cat locks TikTok trucker out of his cab

This mischievous feline knew exactly what it was doing when it locked its owner out of the cab.

Last week, TikTok user @the_rolling_shit_show posted a video of his cat locking him out of his truck. In the video, the trucker looks in at his cat enjoying the heat all by himself while he stands outside in the cold. It appears that while the truck was running, the trucker exited the cab and while he was gone, the cat stepped on the lock.

“You little bastard! You think it’s funny?” the trucker laughs as his black cat, named Big John, looks out at him with seemingly innocent green eyes. As the trucker notices snow falling, he remarks that he better call a locksmith.

Watch the video for yourself below:

@the_rolling_shit_show #the_rolling_shit_show ♬ original sound – The_Rolling_Shit_Show

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