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WATCH: Dog Dodges Disaster With Semi

It’s a miracle that this fearless puppy survived this dangerous encounter.

Shocking footage shows a family’s dog leaping from their vehicle onto a busy highway. According to CBS News, the disturbing incident happened on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles. To make the scary scenario worse, the lane the pup landed in happens to be in the path of an 18-wheeler. Luckily for Sophie, the six-month-old puppy, the trucker was alert enough to slam on the brakes to avoid a deadly collision.

“I’ll be honest, I think someone farted in the car, I don’t know if it was the dog or someone, but we rolled down the window and she was just poking her out, smelling just like every dog. She literally just fired out of the car,” said Sophie’s owner, Ryan Cramer, told CBS.

Dashcam footage from Cramer shows her initial impact on the road, which fractured her hip. Luckily, thanks to the alertness of the other drivers on the freeway, that was the only injury she sustained. The driver behind Cramer saw the whole thing go down, and pulled over to help recover Sophie.

The Cramer family was helping a local animal shelter foster Sophie, but after this traumatic event they have decided they will be her forever home.

“You think you know your dog, and no one ever expects their animal to leap out the car like this. You never know how they’re gonna react based on all these outside circumstances . . . Think of the pet as one of your kids, cause sometimes it could be,” said Cramer.

Watch the video from Fox 11 Los Angeles:


View original article by CBS News.

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