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Hot or Not? Truckers Weigh In On Tesla Semis

This month, Elon Musk debuted his electric semis at Tesla’s Delivery Event in Nevada. The CEO boasted about the truck’s capabilities and called them “the most badass rig on the road.” That’s high praise from Musk, but what do real truckers think of the new rigs?

The trucking website Overdrive recently conducted a poll among truckers to get their take on Tesla’s electric 18-wheelers. The results ranged from loving them to hating them.

The most popular answer in Overdrive’s poll was “Not sure, but I’d take it for a test drive and tell you.” It received 1/3 of the total votes counted and shows that some truckers may be open to giving it a shot. However, looking at the full data set shows that truckers overall have mixed opinions. 53%o of voters reacted positively towards the electric trucks, and 47% voted negatively, which is a pretty even split.

One commenter on Overdrive’s poll seemed open to Tesla’s semi, saying, “Will it make me money or cost me money? I need to see the numbers.”

Another still seemed skeptical, saying, “The only way to operate this stuff is as a shuttle runner. Between plants or DC’s. The driver layout is ridiculous. The entry and window situation is even worse. Should have hired a few OO’s to help with the layout.”


What do you think? Are you interested in the Tesla Semi, or would you rather stick with your current rig. Let us know in the poll below:

Hot or Not? Do You Like the Design of the Tesla Semi?
View original article and poll from Overdrive.

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