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Missing Trucker Found After 5-Month Search

Missing Trucker Found After 5-Month Search

Missing Trucker Found After 5-Month Search.

Fifty-three year old truck driver and father of two David Schultz was last seen on November 21, 2023. In April, 5 months later, his body was finally found.

After his disappearance in November, it was reported in that Schultz’s semi truck was found on the side of the road in northwest Iowa. His trailer was filled with baby pigs, his wallet and phone were in the cab, and his jacket was on the ground. Since then, there were only a few minor updates in the investigation. Security camera footage showed that Schultz was last seen at truck stop and a $25,000 reward was offered for information leading to him. However, the search was unsuccessful for a long time.

Now, the Sac County Attorney’s Office has concluded the case. In June, a farmhand found Schultz’s body in a cornfield 200 feet from the road. The farmhand was tilling the land in a tractor when he saw the deceased body a few feet away. The cornstalks in the field were reportedly “shin height”, which hid the body from search & rescue teams.

Missing Trucker Found After 5-Month Search
David Shultz with his twin sons.

According to the Sac County Attorney’s Office’s report, “The medical examiner determined ‘hypothermia in the setting of acute drug (methamphetamine) intoxication’ as the cause of Shultz’s death and the manner of his death as ‘accidental.’ It is clear from the evidence gathered at the scene and the body’s state of decomposition that Shultz had been in the field for months.”

The report concluded that Shultz was driving for almost 30 hours with little rest. His sleep deprivation and use of methamphetamine likely caused a medial emergency, which made Shultz leave his truck and make his way into the field where he passed away.

The investigation showed no signs of foul play.


Read the full report from the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

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