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POV: Tire Takes Flight and Shatters Trucker’s Windshield

Hope this trucker had an extra pair of pants with him after this freak mishap.

Two videos from a trucker in Detroit, Michigan show the impact and aftermath of a terrifying accident. The videos were shared by 401_da_sarpanch on Facebook, and thousands of views. The first video shows dashcam footage of the trucker cruising steadily along the highway. That is, until a loose tire comes flying towards the big rig. Viewers can see the moment of impact, until the collision knocks the dashcam from its mount.

See the impact below:

The second video shows the wreckage that the renegade tire left behind. Viewers can see the shattered windshield, messy cab, and even the tire stuck where it landed.

See the wreckage below:

Thankfully, the trucker was unharmed and was able to share these videos. Viewers in the comments expressed concern and stated that the driver was extremely lucky to survive.

These videos serve as another reminder that you never know what you’re gonna see every day on the road. Be safe and vigilant out there, truckers!

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