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Tesla Debuts First Electric Semi-Trucks

“If you’re a truck driver looking for the most badass rig on the road, this is it.”

Elon Musk had high praise for his company’s newest vehicle at Tesla’s Semi Delivery Event.. The official delivery of their first electric semis was on December 1, five years after their initial announcement.

“I can’t believe it’s been five years,” said Musk, who made a grand entrance driving a sleek white semi. “There’s been a lot that’s happened since then, to say the least. I’m incredibly excited tonight to deliver our first production Tesla Semi trucks.”

According to trucknews.com, Tesla completed a 500 mile, 82,000 lb. delivery sometime before the event. The truck traveled from Fremont to San Diego all on a single charge. To the naysayers who said a haul like that couldn’t be done, Musk said, “We just did it.”

PepsiCo and its subsidiary Frito-Lay received blue and orange brand-themed trucks at the event. They ordered 100 Tesla Semis, and are expected to hit the road soon.

The one-hour debut event was livestreamed on Twitter. Watch it below:

View original article by trucknews.com.

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