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Tesla Recalls Semis for Brake Failure

Now that the long awaited Tesla Semi has hit the road, the company has issued a recall.

This recall comes just 3 months after Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled his company’s electric semis at the Tesla Delivery Event. Before that, the trucks were announced in 2017 and experienced many production setbacks.

Business Insider reports that 35 semis are affected by the recall due to the danger of them rolling away. The rollaway hazard comes from the possibility of an air leak preventing the parking brake to engage. A report by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration said, “If the parking brakes are not engaged when the driver expects them to be and the driver releases the service brakes, the vehicle may unintentionally move, increasing the risk of crash.” You can read NHTSA’s full report here.

(Photos from Motortrend)

This recall is just one of many speedbumps the Tesla has faced in recent days. Other drivers of Tesla’s Model X and Model Y have reportedly experienced seatbelt failure and even their steering wheel coming off.

We will keep an eye on this story and provide updates as Tesla’s electric semi continues to make news.

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Original article by Business Insider.

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