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Semi’s tire explodes, sending 4-wheeler tumbling on its side

A freak accident on the New Jersey Turnpike was recorded on a trucker’s dashcam and uploaded to Reddit last week.

In the video, posted by Redditor u/must_warn_otherrs to the r/Truckers subreddit, a vehicle riding behind an 18-wheeler drives into one of its back tires. The collision causes the tire to explode, which sends the 4-wheeler flying up onto its side as the trucker with the dashcam drives past. The scene goes by quickly, so in the video it’s repeated in slow motion.

In the comments, the trucker who saw the scene live said, “Some context. Yesterday morning headed south on the eastern spur. Heard a huge bang, looked to my left and watched this four wheeler roll onto its side. Looked in my side mirror and watched him roll onto the roof and continue to slide down the road. He had driven into the rear left tire of that northbound trailer. I called it out on CB and continued on. The turnpike was a mess yesterday with accidents.” They also noted that their dashcam only recorded the initial accident, but in the rear view mirror he watched the car continue to slide upside down.

Watch the video and see the accident unfold below:

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