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Truck-nappers Steal Hot Pink Semi

How do you hide a stolen hot pink semi truck? According to the thieves who stole it, just paint it red!

According to the Miami Herald, a duo from Florida have been charged with grand theft for stealing a hot pink Peterbilt. The truck heist happened on January 30 in Columbia County, Florida. Unfortunately for the “masterminds” behind the operation, they were spotted at a Days Inn parking lot. A witness saw them spray painting the pink rig in the back of the lot and called the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office to report them.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, “Upon the arrival of law enforcement, the male and female fled on foot into the wood line and began running southbound on Interstate 95. Deputies pursued the two subjects on foot, and the female was apprehended without incident after a short foot pursuit. The male was apprehended without incident after being found hiding in the wood line for over two hours. ”

After the thieves were apprehended, police found the semi’s removed GPS in the woods close by. They were also able to discover that the $280,000 truck was stolen earlier that same day.

Read the Sheriff’s Office’s full post below:


View original article by the Miami Herald.

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