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WATCH: Honda Blind Turns Into Semi Resulting in Crash

This is exactly why you should always be mindful of your surroundings on the highway.

In this video, posted by @401_da_sarpanch on Twitter, a car tries to re-enter traffic but is rammed into by an 18-wheeler.

The vehicle, a Honda Civic, appears to have pulled off into the shoulder of an exit ramp at the beginning of the video. It seems the driver may have taken the exit by mistake, because when it pulls out of the shoulder, it looks like it tried to drive across the two exit lanes to reach the main highway again. Unfortunately for the 4-wheeler, a big rig interrupts its path and crashes into it.

The accident occurred in Ontario, Canada on January 9. The Ontario Provincial Police reported that the car’s driver was a 52-year-old woman who was transported to the hospital for her injuries.

Watch the accident unfold:

Twitter users in the replies to the video have mixed opinions about which driver is at fault. One user wrote, “Did the trucker take note of the car on the shoulder? Was there anticipation the car might pull across. It’s called Scanning, and watching for this very thing. Is it preventable, absolutely. The closer you get the less chance of avoidance.”

Another replied, saying, “Truck driver was in the other lane. 100% the car driver’s fault.”

Who do you think was at fault? Vote below and let us know:

Who do you think was at fault in this accident?

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