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WATCH: Insane Series of Events Caught on Dashcam

“What the hell is going on?” is what what this driver may have been thinking when they captured this wild series of events on their dashcam. It looks like something out of an action movie!

This wild video, posted by u/wizzardoftheLOT on the r/Truckers subreddit has people talking. In just over a day it already has over 1k upvotes and over 200 comments.

The footage begins with a silver car speeding wildly out of control towards a man standing in the middle of a bridge. He dives backwards and narrowly avoids being pummeled by the car, as it spins out past the bridge. Before he can even catch his breath, a black car comes flying around him on his left. Once again, he narrowly avoids being hit. The man reaches his feet and starts to run away when he sees two more vehicles sliding out of control in his direction. The same series events unfold over and over, with almost 10 cars following the same pattern.

Watch the insanity unfold below:

Driver caught this incident on his front viewing camera
by u/wizzardoftheLOT in Truckers

A Redditor in the comments posed the very astute question, “The fuck is going on here? Is there oil all over the road?” to which another answered, “Almost certainly black ice.”

This strange series of events seems to be a result of nearly invisible black ice on a frozen bridge. This brings the phrase “bridge freezes before road” to mind. As another viewer said, “The road has ground underneath it which acts as insulation. The ground gets cooled only by the air above it. Bridges have air above and below which also causes condensation to form on them which freezes significantly faster.”

This video is a reminder to all drivers to always stay alert on slippery roads. Stay safe out there, drivers!

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