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WATCH: Looters Block Semi and Raid Trailer

A scary scene unfolded when thieves blocked a semi and broke into the trailer, stealing packages and making a mess.

According to WREG, a FedEx semi truck in Memphis was blocked in by multiple vehicles at a stoplight and looters got out to break into the trailer. Witnesses said dozens of people were there robbing the truck, taking any packages they could find. They reportedly used some kind of tool to break the safety latch on the trailer, allowing them access to the contents inside.

By the time police officers arrived on the scene, they saw multiple cars fleeing the area. At a nearby apartment, they were able to arrest 3 men that were involved in the robbery. Stolen items in their car included four speakers, one vehicle headlight. a pot & pan set, and three DIRECTV cable boxes. No other thieves have been caught yet, but the investigation is ongoing.

Watch the looting:

FedEx released the following statement in response to the debacle:

“The safety of our team members and the security of our customers’ shipments are top priorities, and we are grateful there were no serious injuries as a result of this incident. We are cooperating fully with investigating authorities and taking appropriate steps to address this matter.”

Be safe out there, drivers!



Original story by WREG.


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