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WATCH: Passing Pickup Slips and Slides Off Road

This passing pickup truck made a series of misjudgments that left in the bushes.

A viral video going around the r/Truckers community has drivers talking. The video is an 8 second dashcam clip of a trucker driving on a wet road. Suddenly, a red pickup comes speeding past the semi. The rushing pickup clips the front of the big rig, loses control, and drives into the bushes and trees off road.

Watch the clip below:

4 wheeler took himself out.
byu/JimBobPaul inTruckers

One viewer commented, “What a f#%&ing moron and deserved every bit of that. The bad part about this is the trucker that got clipped and now has to deal with said moron.”

Another added, “I’m assuming he hydroplaned speeding up to quick. Literally no reason for that. Nobody in front of him for a mile.”

This video goes to show that sometimes a trucker can do everything right, and still get clipped. It’s a good thing this driver had their dashcam.

Watch out and stay safe out there, drivers!

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