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WATCH: Who’s a Worse Driver? You Decide!

A video shared by a frustrated trucker has people taking sides on which driver was worse.

The video, posted by u/Doppleganger1064 on r/Truckers, seems to have split opinions of viewers and commenters. The clip shows a trucker driving on a highway when another big rig pulls out to turn right in front of them. To avoid rear-ending the 18-wheeler, the dashcam driver merges into the oncoming turn lane and passes the truck. The caption read, “It’s hard to whoa up 78k lbs when idiots take your lane. Ya know.”

Watch the clip below:

So I’m cruising down the hiway…
byu/Doppleganger1064 inTruckers

One viewer commented, “I aspire to be as unbothered as you are. May you live long and stress free.” In reply, another wrote, “Probably won’t if this is how he drives.”

Another commenter added, “And the point of this? Even fully loaded you had plenty of time to press the brakes. Yeah, the guys an asshole for pulling out in front of you. But YOU… you are a dangerous asshole.”

Alternatively, one user didn’t choose sides and said, “Both of you are asses.”

So what do YOU think, truckers? Was the dashcam driver or other driver at fault here? Vote below to let us know!

Which driver was in the wrong?

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