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WATCH: Who’s the Idiot? Trucker, Train, or Flagger?

In a big messy accident like this, there’s always someone to blame… right?

There are three factors at play in this video, posted online to r/IdiotsInCars by Redditor u/CambodianDuck. The incident involved a train, a truck, and a flagger, but it is up for debate whose fault it really was.

In the video, a flagger can be seen waving red and green flags around in a pretty nonchalant manner. As a train approaches he starts to wave his red flag, indicating traffic to stop, but then shifts to use his green one as well.  Right as the train is about to cross the road, a truck hastily tries and fails to beat it out. The train smashes into the side of the truck, and derails.

In the comments, one Redditor said, “Looks like the truck driver sped up instead of slowing down, taking their chances,” to which another replied, “Okay but there was absolutely no chance he makes it. The train was right there on the road.”

Another user points out the bizarre indicators used by the flagger, commenting, “Red flag…green flag… Stop and go, makes sense. Guy waiving them might not understand this.”

Watch the video and vote in our poll who you think is to blame:

Whose Fault is the Accident?

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