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WATCH: Whose Fault- RV or Semi?

This shocking dashcam footage shows the moment an RV meets a semi, resulting in the camper flipping on the highway.

The video was posted on YouTube by TWOSU NEWS on March 19. It begins with the semi truck driving in the second to right lane on the highway. About 20 seconds in, an RV comes into frame in the left lane. When it tries to merge right ahead of the 18-wheeler, the back end of the RV hits the semi and forces it askew. The two vehicles are pulled into the far right lane, and the RV hits the barrier. It almost tips over, but wildly swerves left to avoid it. That’s when the driver appears to lose control, slam into the median, and overturn the camper. The video ends with the semi coming to a stop in the right shoulder, and the RV torn to shreds and on its side by the median.

Watch the video below:

In the comments, viewers had opinions about who was at fault. One viewer wrote, “The truck could have avoided that … I wasn’t laying responsibility. The RV driver was clearly in the wrong, but an attentive driver could have avoided that mess.”

Another commenter replied, “The truck changed lanes to allow traffic entering a clear lane, the RV changed lanes too early and hit the Semi. I guess that might have been road rage, if the semi cut of the RV, and if so one of the stupidest things I have seen. You dont brake check a semi / large truck. It is just as likely the RV was always in that lane, and the driver miscalculated the length of the RV when changing lanes. We would need to see what was happening behind the truck to make an informed verdict.”

What do you think: who is to blame for this accident? Vote below and let us know!

Whose fault was this accident?

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