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WATCH: Cops corral cattle after crash

This week in Kentucky, a semi-truck hauling cattle was involved in a minor wreck. When the truck pulled over to transfer the livestock, a dozen cows escaped to a nearby golf course.

According to WAVE3, local police were called in to help wrangle the loose cattle in the park. They were able to help safely recapture 10 of the cows, but four others remained missing. “Having the manpower to act as a live barricade helps a lot,” said a park staff member in a video from NBC.  “I spoke to police and said ‘Do you guys carry lassos?’ They didn’t appreciate it,” joked a bystander to WAVE3.

Luckily, none of the animals were harmed in the accident or recapture process.

Watch NBC‘s coverage of the story below:

Read the original article on WAVE3.

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