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WATCH: Ice Chunk Shatters Windshield

Further proof that you just never know what’s gonna happen when you hit the road.

Reddit user u/i2times on r/Truckers shared startling dashcam footage of an incident that happened to them on I-41 near Kenosha, Wisconsin. The video begins normally enough, with the driver in the left lane and a semi truck ahead in the right lane. Everyone drives normally until a chunk of ice flies off the trailer and collides with the driver’s windshield.

Watch below:

Anybody has spare underwear?
byu/i2times inTruckers

Thankfully, the driver was unharmed. The same could not be said for their windshield, pictured below:

One viewer commented below the video, “Thank whoever invented safety glass. Glad you’re safe.”

Another brought up an excellent point, and said, “They should have defrosting methods for truckers! Like something like a gas station structure with the roof and then like a platform at top for a worker to climb on top, inspect, sweep off and even a heater on the top of the structure to thaw out a roof. That ice is just too dangerous.”

Let this video be another reminder to always be on the lookout OTR, especially in the winter months. Be safe and watch out, drivers!

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