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Is This the Future Semi-Truck?

Last week, we published a story about Tesla recalling some of their semis for brake failure. This week, take a look at an alternate design for an electric big rig. 

These futuristic designs were created by industrial engineer Roman Dolzhenko and concept designer Dmitry Voronezhtsev. They were published by Yanko Design in December 2021.

The semi in the concept art is named Atlantis, and sports a sleek purple, black, and white color scheme. Its round aerodynamic edges are reminiscent of the Tesla Semi. One of the most noticeable aspects of the design is its enormous back wheels.  The intent behind the huge back wheels is to give the big rig better grip on highways while traveling at high speeds.

A controversial design choice for this semi is that it doesn’t accommodate for a human driver. The concept completely removes the human element by not having a cab, seats, or even a steering wheel.  

The design is a Level 5 autonomous truck, which means it does not require human control. This would make plenty of truckers upset, as their jobs could be replaced by a computer. There are many professionals in the transportation industry that oppose the idea of fully autonomous semis.  

Take a look at a few of the renders from Yanko Design below.

Where do you stand? Do you think fully autonomous trucks are the future, or will we always need a human in the cab for decision making situations?  

Vote in our poll to let us know! 

Are Fully Automated Semis the Future of the Transportation Industry?



Original article by Yanko Design.

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