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Michigan trucker saves toddler’s life

Dallas Steiger, a trucker in Bay City, Michigan, was recognized as a Highway Angel for saving a toddler’s life. The Truckload Carriers Association gives this award to truckers who show kindness, courtesy, and courage while on the road. Almost 1,300 truck drivers have been awarded the honor of Highway Angel since 1997.

ABC12 News reported that Steiger was driving north on US 31 when he saw the toddler getting close to traffic on the southbound side of the highway.

“It was a toddler standing on the side of the road — like, his feet were almost on the side of the white line and he had a little toy lawnmower with him,” said Steiger.

Steiger pulled over and parked his truck on the side of the road when he saw the child. He hustled across the highway, helped move the toddler to safety, and walked him up his driveway.

“I would hope that anybody would react just like that,” Steiger said.

The child’s mother was shocked to hear that her child was so close to danger, and relieved that Steiger intervened. Later, she called Steiger’s company, Quick-Way Inc., to share the story and shared her appreciation for his heroics.

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