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WATCH: Self-driving truck responds to tire blowout

This week, Kodiak Robotics published a video displaying how their self-driving truck handles a blown tire.

In Thursday’s press release, Kodiak reports that how their trucks handle tire blowouts is the question they get asked the most. As all drivers know, a blowout can be a big deal and every kind of driver, human or computer, should know how to react to one one the road.

In their demonstration video, Kodiak shows exactly how their autonomous truck keeps complete control of the situation. To test their truck, Kodiak researchers set up a trap for the truck to drive over and blow one of its tires. When the truck drives over the trap, the autonomous software begins a 4-step process to reach. It identifies the fire failure, initiates fallback, triggers hazard lights, and stops in the lane with minimal deviation from the center.

Watch the video to see for yourself:

Kodiak is a pioneer company in the autonomous technology industry, and has recently been making strides with their self-driving semis. They recently partnered with IKEA to use their self-driving trucks for deliveries between distribution centers. You can read more about their partnership here.

To all who asked if their self-driving trucks can handle a blowout, Kodiak’s answer is, “Yes. We have tested. And yes, the kodiakDriver can handle tire blowouts better than the average human driver.”



Read Kodiak’s Press Release here.

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