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WATCH: Aussie Trucker’s Close Call With Train

This heart stopping video from down under shows just how close an Australian trucker came to being plowed into by an oncoming train.

User u/Ozdriver posted a clip on r/Truckers of an Australian semi narrowly avoiding disaster with a train. The video is 16 seconds long, and shows the train getting impossibly close to the trailer.

Watch below:

Doesn’t get any closer than this. Western Australia.
byu/Ozdriver inTruckers


One viewer commented, “Good to know idiocy is not limited to US drivers.”

Another added, “Someone is in a rush. Eventually it will cost this person. I just hope he doesn’t hurt anyone else on the road.”

No matter where you drive, in the US or in the outback, be safe and always look before you cross! Stay alert out there, truckers.

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