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WATCH: Dangerous Close Call With Fallen Trucker

This heart-stopping footage captures a slip that could have been disastrous, if not for the driver’s quick reaction.

Reddit user u/LawlessSpace posted dashcam video from an incident earlier this week. Their post says that while driving their Tesla late at night, they saw a semi truck on the side of the road. To give the big rig some space, they drifted over in the lane to put some separation between them. Right when the Tesla was about to pass the stopped semi, the trucker slipped and fell in the middle of the lane. Thankfully, the Tesla driver was alert and swerved out of the way just in time.

Watch the video below:

Nearly ran over a driver who fell into my lane
byu/LawlessSpace inTruckers

In the post, u/LawlessSpace added that they pulled over to check on the trucker after the near-miss. He was reportedly rattled by the close call, but not harmed.


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