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WATCH: Driver’s Impressive Reaction to Tumbling Seed Truck

A trucker’s impressive reaction time was on display when a fatal accident unfolded right in front of their rig.

Reddir user u/rseiler32 posted a clip of an unfortunate accident on r/Truckers this week. The 31 second dashcam footage shows the original poster, a cattle hauler, driving in the left lane on a highway with a seed truck ahead in the right lane. Suddenly, the truck drifts to the right shoulder and the driver seems to lose control. It swerves, overturns, tumbles, and slides while blocking both lanes of traffic. Amazingly, the cattle hauler reacted quick enough to stop just feet in front of the wrecked seed truck without causing any further damage.

Watch the video below:

This seed truck laid it over on its side in front of me today
byu/rseiler32 inTruckers

The accident happened on March 6 near Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Highway 13

In the comments section of the post, the cattle hauler revealed that they attempted CPR on the seed trucker until paramedics arrived, but he didn’t make it. The driver’s wife was riding in the passenger seat and was sadly killed by the accident.

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