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WATCH: Neglectful Trucker Spills Fuel All Over Parking Lot

Long story short… don’t be like this guy.

A video shared on r/Truckers has viewers facepalming and shaking their heads. Appropriately titled “Got to be more careful”, the video shows how a negligent fuel tanker driver covered a parking lot with fuel.

The video begins with the tanker backing up… but the catch is that the fueling hose is still attached to the tanker. Once it backs up farther than it can reach, the valve busts and fuel starts gushing all over the pavement. The driver stops the truck and rushes around back to shut it off, but not before gallons and gallons of fuel spill out.

Watch the clip below:

Got to be more careful
byu/18Wills inTruckers

“Hopefully nobody was smoking close,” commented one concerned viewer. Just one spark could’ve had disastrous results.

Be careful and mindful out there, truckers!

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