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WATCH: Runaway Horses on the Loose on I-90

How’s that for highway horsepower?

According to NBC News, two police horses escaped their stable in Cleveland and took a run down I-90 last week. Cleveland Police Sgt. Wilfredo Diaz told the press that horses were on a routine training exercise when they strayed from the group and ended up on the nearby highway.

The incident happened around noon on March 2, and caused traffic to back up. Motorists slowed down for the escaped horses while the animals weaved between the oncoming cars. Police cruisers followed the horses on an adjacent street until they had the opportunity to stop them in the grass away from traffic.

“Mounted officers promptly recovered both horses, ensuring their safety, and no further incidents ensued,” Sgt. Diaz told reporters. The horses were returned to the stable, and no one was injured.

Watch the horses gallop down the highway:

See witness video of the incident:

Original story by NBC News.

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