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WATCH: Styrofoam Load Catches Fire and Melts on Semi

If you’re having a bad day, just be thankful you aren’t this trucker.

This video posted by u/wizzardoftheLOT shows an unlucky trucker’s haul catching fire and spreading like crazy.

The video starts after the driver has noticed that a small fire has caught onto one of the styrofoam blocks he was hauling. He quickly unstraps some of the stacked the blocks and desperately tries to get the burning one down before the flames catch the others on fire. Unfortunately for the trucker, the flames are too quick to quell. By the time he frees the original burning block, others have caught fire and it’s only a matter of time until the whole load goes up in flames. After more scrambling and scurrying, the trucker gets in the cab and tries to drive away from the flames. However, it’s too late and it appears that his truck is on fire too. By the end of the 3 minute video, the entire area is engulfed with smoke and flames.

Watch the video below:

Always carry one of them red bottle fire extinguishers
by u/wizzardoftheLOT in Truckers

In the comments, one Redditor wrote, “By the time he got to the point he could save any product he’s just spreading the fire around to everything else.”

It is unclear how the original fire started, but the original poster claimed that it could have been an electricity line that got caught on the haul.

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