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WATCH: Trucker Reacts to Wild Wreck

A crazy crash had this trucker absolutely baffled.

The video, posted on r/IdiotsinCars by u/awesomeaarron, has drivers of all kinds cringing and wincing at the collision. The footage shows two angles of dashcam footage: one pointing straight ahead at the road, and one pointing back to capture the driver’s reaction.

When the video begins, everything seems normal on the road… that is until a careless or distracted 4-wheeler comes out of nowhere to clip the front of the semi. The impact flips the car, and causes it roll over a few times as the semi is pushed off-road. The two vehicles collide again when the car is flipped up on its front end and bumps into the semi. All the while, the driver keeps a confused expression of bewilderment at what he just experienced.

See the footage for yourself below:


One Reddit user commented on the clown mask on the trucker’s passenger seat, saying it “was in the wrong vehicle.”

Another added, “Give it up for the truck driver! When he’s in the grass watch him turn into the loss of traction and somehow manages to keep it straight. He’s a pro.”


View original post here.

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