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WATCH: Pickup fails to push semi out of lane in construction zone

On October 17, a trucker posted dashcam footage of a pickup truck trying to push a semi-truck out of its lane in a construction zone. Reddit user Zzd12 uploaded the video on r/IdiotsInCars titled, Guess he didn’t see the signs 2 miles back.

In the video you can see the pickup’s lane ends and it tries to merge into the big rig. The vehicles drive side by side each other as construction barrels close in on the pickup. Eventually, it appears to hit a couple barrels before slowing down out of frame.

In the comments one Reddit user wrote, “How did nobody in this video used the horn? They just silently went into a fight and went on with it.” Another user commented, “Also it’s a construction zone so everyone out there working is at risk now because of both of these idiots.”

Who do you think was at fault here? Watch the altercation below and decide for yourself:

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