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Semi-Truck Pushes Sedan: Close Call on the Highway

Semi-Truck Pushes Sedan: Close Call on the Highway

Semi-Truck Pushes Sedan: Close Call on the Highway

In a dramatic incident captured on video, a sedan is pushed down a highway by a semi-truck. After a few feet, the woman driving the car quickly crawls to exit on the passenger side and moves safely out of the way. This alerts the truck driver to the situation. He promptly stops and gets out of his truck to check on the car he had been inadvertently pushing. The quick reaction from both drivers likely prevented a more serious outcome. The video was captured by a CP24 camera and posted on YouTube by CTV News.

Check the scene out below:

Viewers of the video had mixed reactions. One user commented, “Why is the truck operator wearing headphones while driving? And how could he not feel the resistance of the car?”

Another defended the driver, saying, “Don’t blame the Trucker… I’d be questioning the car’s driver as to Why she chose to drive in front of the rig as she did?”

So who do you think is the most at fault? The car driver for pulling into the semi’s blind spot, or the trucker for not noticing sooner? Let us know and vote below:

Who do you think is more at fault?


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